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After a successful event last year
BCACUK is proud to present…
Brazilian Cultural Week 2019

We are bringing the best of Brazilian Culture to the Midlands. The event will include workshops, demonstrations and a Brazilian party with live Brazilian band. The workshops on offer will include the following:
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If you want to be part of or sponsor our festival please contact Leandro Menezes (Contramestre Anjo) on
07734357771 or email
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Past Events:

The 2nd Brazilian Cultural Week in Coventry & Leamington Spa 14th to 19th May 2018.
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Time table the Event :

Time table - Brazilaian Cultural week 2018

We are bringing the best of Brazilian Culture to the Midlands.
The event will include workshops, demonstrations and a Brazilian party with live Brazilian band.

The workshops on offer will include the following:
-Capoeira Music
-Afro Dance
-Rosangela Silvestre dance technique
And more…

Confirmed International guests :

Rosangela Silvestre – Salvador Bahia, Brazil
Mestre Boa Gente – Associaçao Do Capoeira – Salvador Bahia, Brazil
Mestre Carlão – Kabula – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Mestre Andorinha – Roça do Lobo – Italy
Janderson Afro – Grupo Napegada- Germany
Alysson Bruno – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Confirmed UK guests :

Mestre Velho Jose – Olorum – London,
Contramestre Anjo (Leandro Menezes) – Capoeira Natural Do Brasil – Coventry and Leamington spa,
Contramestre Cobra – Nago – Reading,
Contramestre Mascote – Cordao De Ouro – Birmingham,
Contramestre Joyce – Cordao De Ouro – Birmingham,
Professora Vicky – Conviver – Birmingham

Jon Hardeman – Bristol,
Alua Nascimento,
Sam Wolff Sambassadors Of Groove – Leamington spa

Čakovec Mestre Boa Gente

Capoeira captured his heart in the 1950s after witnessing Mestre João Grande, Mestre João Pequeno, and Mestre Antônio Cabeceiro in the roda with one another. Since then he has gone on to teach workshops, courses and lectures across the globe and has devoted a lot of time to social work. Mestre Boa Gente was also a martial art champion of Bahia in the 1970’s and is currently a key member of the World Capoeira Federation to promote capoeira as a sport of Olympic standards and build relationships between many international groups.
We are very pleased to have Mestre Boa Gente return for the Brazilian Cultural Week, his charm, charisma, and knowledge is unparalleled.

site de rencontre sérieux gay gratuit Rosangela Silvestre

Rosangela Silvestre is an outstanding dancer, instructor, choreographer, and the creator of the Silvestre Dance Technique.

The Silvestre Technique training program has been going for over 24 years giving the opportunity to study and investigate the unification of symbols that express aspects of the universe – cosmologically and physically. Rosangela has researched dance and music in countries such as Brazil, India, Egypt, Senegal, and Cuba, as well as training in many diverse techniques such as Martha Graham, Limón, Horton, and Dunham Technique. She has worked with a vast array of universities, dance festivals, dance companies across the globe.

We are privileged to have her once more at our Brazilian Cultural Week, providing more of her fantastic workshops and spectacular performances. Mestre Carlão

Mestre Carlão is a frequent visitor to the UK and a good friend of ours who always introduces inspiring traditional and new training methodologies. The methodologies cover aspects such as physical training, tensegrity, biomimicry, and movement culture. With a Degree in Philosophy of Art, Mestre Carlão also provides many artistic, cultural, and educational works through public performances, books, film, art, and capoeira.

We’re very excited to see what innovative ideas he has in store.

Janderson Afro

Janderson spent his childhood in the “Projecto Axé” in Salvador Bahia, a cultural project that’s works together with the groups Olodum, Muzenza, and Timbalada. Mestre Mário taught him Afro-Brazilian rhythms whilst training as a percussionist and began leading drum lessons within these groups and many others. As a result Janderson has an intense passion for percussion and a heart that constantly beats these Afro-Brazilian rhythms.

Come and feel the powerful beat for yourselves with Janderson Afro and dive into the intoxicating Afro Brazilian rhythms.

Jon Hardeman

Jon is a multi-instrumentalist with 40 years of experience studying, performing, making music, and teaching Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban percussion and songs. Constantly active within the UK samba community, teaching at samba encontros as well as a vast array of arts and music festivals. Jon’s energy and enthusiasm is utterly palpable when playing and we can’t wait for him to share all that he has to give over the whole week.

Mestre Andorinha

With over 20 years of experience, Mestre Andorinha thoroughly studies and widely spreads his knowledge of authentic Regional capoeira and related cultural events. As well as teaching Regional fundamentals with Contramestre Indio through their academy, Associação de Capoeira Roça do Lobo, Mestre Andorinha shares his knowledge through collaborations with sports and cultural associations, public administrations and schools. This is accomplished by various capoeira shows and superb performances of Maculélé and Puxada de Rede.

We can’t wait to witness another spectacular performance and enjoy what workshops are in store.

Mestre Velho Jose

Mestre Velho Jose has trained capoeira almost all his life and been constantly surrounded by it because of his father, Mestre Deputado, who is one of the most important figures of Capoeira Regional in Brazil today. Mestre Velho Jose opened Olorum Capoeira in 2008 and since then has been teaching strong foundations in all variations of the art whilst specialising in Capoeira Regional as students develop.

We’re looking forward to having our good friend join us once again and exploring all those variations.

Leandro Menezes (Contramestre Anjo)

Contramestre Anjo started training capoeira at the age of 13 and has over 20 years of experience. He first started teaching individuals from all walks of life and the underprivileged in several areas in Brazil. At the turn of the millennium Contramestre Anjo brought his capoeira to the UK, promoting the art, culture, and heritage of Brazil. Staying true to his roots, he continues to provide activities in the interest of social welfare for disadvantaged young people to develop their skills to make healthier choices so they can become confident, mature, and responsible individuals.

You can expect the warmest of welcomes for anyone and everyone who wishes to join us to enjoy the exciting workshops we have in store.

Contramestre Cobra

During the week we will be joined by Contramestre Cobra, a capoeira teacher with over 20 years of experience practicing and teaching capoeira all over the world to all ages and abilities. His amazing skill and knowledge of capoeira earned him the title of International Capoeira Nago Champion in 2006 and 2011. The skill and passion that Contramestre Cobra has for capoeira is second to none and infectious, engaging with everyone around him which makes for such enjoyable classes and bringing out the best in everyone.

Contramestre Cobra has been a fantastic and supportive friend over many years, we look forward to having him with us and eagerly await to see what energy he can conjure up in all of us.

Contramestre Mascote and Contramestre Joyce

Contramestre Mascote has had over 15 years practising the art, since 2001, and over 10 years of professional experience teaching and performing Capoeira, since 2006. Mascote has directed, conducted workshops, and performed in numerous international festivals and arts events worldwide, to great acclaim, and is internationally recognised, having taught and performed all over Europe, and as far as Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and, of course, Brazil.

Contramestre Joyce has been involved in Capoeira and Brazilian arts since she was a young child in Brazil. Growing up in São Paulo gave her a global perspective and access to many different cultures and cultural contexts. She has been heavily involved in Capoeira for 20 years and has been training and travelling with the art for 16 years. She has been a disciple of Mestre Suassuna for 10 years in Brazil and in 2014 she moved to the UK and co-founded the first Brazilian Cultural Centre CDOB in Birmingham with Contramestre Mascote.

Theses guests combined have a plethora of experience for you to digest and we’re very excited to have both of them join us.

Professora Vicky

Professora Vicky teaches capoeira to adults and children through Capoeira Convivência in the city of Birmingham. She is also a lead member of Brazil To Brum, a Brazilian and Afro Arts company that specialises in performances and workshops in Capoeira, Samba, African Dance, and much more. In addition, she also has lots of experience and knowledge in creating vibrant samba costumes.

Professora Vicky is brimming with vast and detailed knowledge of Capoeira and Brazilian Arts, we eagerly await to see what she has instore for us to bring to the roda and the dancefloor.

Alysson Bruno

Alysson Bruno is a musician, dancer, composer, producer and music director from São Paulo, Brazil, as well as having played, composed and performed with choreographer Rosangela
Silvestre, since 2010.

Alysson has worked as musician with Guga Stroeter and his Orquestra HB, he has also performed as a musician with the Brazilian guitarist and vocalist Pepeu Gomes, the composer Letierez Leite (also a musician of Rumpilezz), and world renowned artists Ilê Aiyê and Criolo. Alysson has taught numerous workshops in percussion, movement and the musicality of Candomblé in Brazil, Argentine, Canada, France, Switzerland, Russia, Sweden, England, and Spain.

Among Alysson’s recent projects, include working as a musician for various bands in São Paulo; Alafia, Afro Aquarela, Batucada Tamarindo and Coletivo Roda Gigante, performing as a dancer for Gumboot Dance Brasil, being the musical director for Toronto based dance company Dance Migration and composing for Toronto based drumming group Baque de Bamba.

We are thoroughly looking forward to Alysson joining us and sharing his vast knowledge in percussion and dance.

Sam Wolff

Sam Wolff is the joint musical director at Sambassadors of Groove at The Band Factory, a community samba band of drummers and dancers from Leamington. Sambassadors of Groove perform across the UK and Europe, and also welcome beginners to join rehearsals and technical workshop sessions. Sam also offers private tuition and has a Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology.

We have a strong friendship with Sam Wolff and Sambassadors of Groove, providing year after year fantastic rhythms and enjoyable workshops that you don’t want to miss. We’re excited to have Sam Wolff and Sambassadors of Groove join us once again.

It will be a week full of activities across the town suitable for all levels and ages from first timers to advanced levels!
So book your week off and come and spend it doing something fun with us!

If you want to be part of or sponsor our festival please contact Leandro Menezes (Contramestre Anjo) on
07734357771 or email