The objective of our association
To advance the education of the public in the art, culture and heritage of Brazil and to promote Capoeira (Afro-Brazilian martial art) as an art form and sport, Brazilian Music, Samba and Percussion in the UK

can you buy antabuse over the counter in uk To promote community participation and improve the health and wellbeing of the general public by the provision of Capoeira, Music, Brazilian Dance and Percussion workshops and public demonstrations, private classes open to the public, regional and international collaboration with other Capoeira groups and literary media.

inexpediently To provide activities in the interests of social welfare for disadvantaged young people to develop their skills to make better and healthier choices about their lives which will enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

Contra-Mestre Anjo

Contra-Mestre Anjo is from Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, Brazil. He started training Capoeira when he was 13 years old with Mestre Caranguejo, Mestre Baleia and Grao Mestre Corisco. He excelled and soon after he was trusted to teach Capoeira. Contra-Mestre Anjo taught several areas and students from all sorts of backgrounds. Over the following 8 years he continued to teach in different areas and built a successful Capoeira group.

It was at this point in his career that he decided to bring his style of Capoeira to the UK. He settled in Leicester for 2 ½ years and started to build a successful Capoeira group. In 2003 he again had an opportunity to take his style of Capoeira to Northern Ireland for a year. He taught children and adults and he had a good following.
Contra-Mestre Anjo then moved to Leamington Spa, is where he is currently based, and he now has classes in Leamington Spa, Leicester, Coventry and Stratford Upon Avon.

Watch a short film on Contra-Mestre Anjo
Created by Graduado Mandingueiro:

We Are The Teacher: Contra-Mestre Anjo

Mestre Deputado

Walce Sousa, Mestre Deputado, began Capoeira with Mestre Osvaldo de Souza, then continued with Mestre Bimba. Their bond was strong from the start which led him be a great propagator of the art of Capoeira Regional throughout Brazil and the world. He’s the author of several books about Capoeira.Mestre Bimba gave him this nickname because Mestre Deputado always had many friends and acquaintances “Just being deputy to meet so many people …” said Mestre Bimba.

He started Escola Bimba Meu Mestre, a school of capoeira in the heart of Brazil. Then later he created the Associação de Capoeira Bimba Meu Mestre. Many masters have benefited from classes, workshops, specialised Regional courses and the knowledge and wisdom shared through conversations and discussions with Mestre Deputado; he’s considered an icon of the global Capoeira community.
His research in the Afro-Brazilian culture and the books he authored earned him the status of Cultural Heritage from the current President of Brazil Dilma Houssef. He supervises several projects of Capoeira Regional around the world and his contribution to the Olorum Capoeira project is significant working along with Mestre Leonardo and Mestre Velho José; his students and sons